• Faiths Sardines
    Wedding rings sardinian filigree gold and silver
    Wedding Rings Sardines
  • Bags cork
    Extensive selection of bags in cork
    Bags Made Of Cork
  • Baskets and baskets
    Baskets and baskets of bread to the original Made in Sardinia
    Cesti E Cestini
  • Ceramica Sarda
    Assapora la tradizione delle ceramiche sarde
    Sardinian Ceramic


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Crafts Sardinia Online

Lady M Sardinia is an online shop of products, sardinian, sardinian handicrafts, jewelry, sardinian knives sardinian. Potrati find knives sardinian as ' arburesa, pattada, fixed blade, and many other types.Watermark sardinian gold and silver, rings and bracelets in sardinian style. We also have a vast assortment of baskets, pottery and decor sardinian to the kitchen, the house and the bedroom.Buy Lady M means buy from a store that selects only products-artisan made in Sardinia. If you wish, you can also come visit us in the summer, in our shop in The Cove.

Shop Online'artigianato Sardo

Lady M is an online store, gift shop, local arts and crafts and many international products. Find for sale online the watermark sardinian knives handmade in sardinia, the sardinian ceramic but also the baskets and other crafts.