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Filigrana Sarda Online - Lady M Sardegna

Sardinian Filigree: how to recognize it?

The sardinian filigree,is a traditional sardinian goldsmith technique. Threads of gold and silver that are woven by hand to create rings, sardinian fedi, buttons, brooches and jewellery. The interweaving of the gold and silver threads represents the support of the stone for the creation of real works of art worn by women.

The stone of sardinian jewels the obsidian is the stone of Su Coccu, a lucky stone according to tradition, while the coral of Alghero and the eye of Saint Lucia are other stones used in the typical sardinian pendants.

Filigrana Sarda Online - Lady M Sardegna
Filigrana Sarda Online - Lady M Sardegna

Sardinian Jewelry against the evil eye

Su Kokku or Su coccu against the evil eye in Sardinia, a silver jewel that contains a black stone of Onyx or Obsidian. The black stone surrounded with silver represents an eye which counteracts the evil eye of the envious person, can be worn or carried for protection.

Sardinian jewels with coral: in the shape of a corbula, the ancient Sardinian basket, with a spiral shape, this jewel is made of gold or silver filigree that contains a polished coral. There are several jewellrey available such as earrings, brooches, pendants and more.