Pattada knife Mouflon horn handle (24cm)


Knife Pattada Knife:

  • Steel blade
  • Mouflon horn handle
  • Total dimensions 24 cm blade 10.5 cm
  • Steel collar stud with engraved lapwing
  • Full-grain leather sheath
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Pattada knife

The birth of the Pattada knife according to tradition is attributed to the two Mimmia brothers who, between 1800 and 1900, gave life to the “Resolza” as it is known now.

Knife created with various materials, for the blade and for the handle, ox horn or mouflon, carbon hunter or damascus blade.

Characterized by the horn handle, and by the steel blade, shaped like a myrtle leaf, “Sa Resolza” has been subject to aesthetic and stylistic enrichment over time.

The Pattada knife, is currently considered the Sardinian knife, par excellence, called with the name of Resolza (a term that seems to derive from the Roman razors), or Pattadese.