Silver Bracelet Su Coccu Kokos Sabegia


Double cuddle lanyard bracelet:

  • Made of 925 ‰ silver
  • Onyx stone diameter 8 mm
  • Filigree work in microfusion
  • Carabiner closure
  • Length 20.5 cm
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Lucky charm bracelet with “Su Coccu” onyx sphere and decorative pearl. Beautiful jewel of Sardinian craftsmanship with work similar to filigree.

Symbolic meaning “Su Coccu”: Sardinian Amulet of great handicraft value, made by a Sardinian craftsman and expert. Su Coccu serves to protect from the evil eye, the stone absorbs in fact the negative influences. Traditionally the stone is obsidian or onyx, it is mounted on silver. Brought under the clothes, as a pendant is a powerful amulet against the evil eye. It is said that if the negative influences are too strong, the coconut breaks but the person remains unharmed. Su Coccu mounted on the silver pin, finely crafted, is given to newborn babies to protect them from envy and evil eye. You pin on the cradle, on the stroller or on your clothes, and absorb negative energies. You can also give a bride to protect her and her relationship, or to a loved one hit by the evil eye.

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Nero, Verde