Sardinian Filigree Big Pendant Necklace


Stella Sarda woman necklace pendant:

  • Made of 800% silver
  • Sardinian filigree in microfusion
  • Pendant length including counter-edge 4 cm, width 3 cm
  • Necklace length 50 cm, snap-hook closure
  • Weight 4.10 gr
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Sas prendas, the jewels of Sardinia

If we talk about traditional Sardinian dress, we can not talk about jewels. Real clothes accessories, are not limited to the ornamental function alone but take on roles of necessity; they become functional complements such as buttons, necklaces, rings, zips, belts.
In Sardinian craft jewelry, the most historically used material is silver. Embellished with hard stones, corals, turquoises and obsidian, worked filigree, was available on the island since ancient times. Jewelry and buckles in silver filigree, have been found in archaeological sites throughout Sardinia.