Peper-Box Revolver English year 1840


English Revolver 1840 pistol:

  • made of metal and wood
  • size 22.5 cm
  • handmade processing
  • Weight 968 g
  • Packaging in original box
  • Production Denix Made in Spain


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Replica of revolver with 6 pepper pistols in metal and wooden handle with firing mechanism and rotating gun.

The pepper box, also called pepper shaker or pepper (due to its resemblance to a pepper mill), is a multiple-reed repeater gun that has three or more cannons aligned around a central axis.

It often looks like a gun of several shots. They exist with all firing systems: wick, wheel, spark, percussion, Lefaucheux, ring percussion cartridges and central percussion cartridges.

The Pepper box was invented in 1830 and turned mainly to the civil market. His occupation spread rapidly and was popular in the United States since 1830