French dagger pistol 19th century 38 cm


French dagger pistol replica:

  • made of metal and non-sharpened wood
  • size 38 cm
  • handmade processing
  • Package in original box
  • Produzione Denix Made in spagna
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19th Century French Dagger Pistol Reproduction of a spark gun with a metal and wood dagger with a simulator mechanism for loading and shooting.

Spark pistols, one of the most firearms used by pirates in the eighteenth century., had a flint or flint, which during the operation of the hammer produced the spark ignite the pólvora.Todas these weapons needed to manually reload the ammunition after each shot . The ammunition, introduced through the muzzle, consisted of gunpowder, bullet and block of paper, which served as a cap to keep the two previous compressed inside the barrel.

In combat, these weapons were typically used for a single hit, since the charging method was very slow and there was usually not enough time to reload it. Therefore, the fighters after firing were forced to draw their swords or swords or to use the pistol dagger, as circumstances did not allow it to be recharged in time.