Assassin’s Creed Pirate Gun Sec.XVII



Pirate pistol sec. XVII:

  • made of metal and wood
  • dimensions 36 x 10 x 6 cm
  • handmade processing
  • Packaging in original box
  • Denix Made production in Spain


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Reproduction of a metal and wood spark gun with load and fire simulator mechanism.

The spark guns had a flint or flint, which when the hammer was fired produced the spark that lit the gunpowder. All these guns required manual reloading of their ammunition after each shot. The ammunition, which was inserted through the mouth, consisting of dust, taco covers and paper, which served to hold two previous plug tablets in the barrel.

In front of the duels with the swords, the use of these weapons was equivalent to the opponents, since they were in the same condition at the time of the shot.

The duel was developed by the will of one of the parties to wash an insult to his honor. The goal was not generally to kill the opponent, but to get “satisfaction”, for example by restoring his honor by putting life at stake to defend it. In many countries, duels were not recognized as a legal means of saving honor, so the duelists resorted to doing so in remote places and almost always at dawn.

Relive the most exciting duels of honor with the historical reproduction of this DENIX gun!