Sicilian Shotgun Lupara Canne mince


Pistola Canne mince lupara:

  • Made of metal and wood
  • Dimensions 53 cm
  • Handmade processing
  • Weight 1834 g
  • Packaging in original box
  • Production Denix Made in Spain
  • Gun with 2 cannons cut, italy uses 1868.

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The history of this weapon dates back to the nineteenth century, was born in Sicily and there was repaired as “LUPARA”, because it was used to drive wolves. So it was used to settle the mafia accounts.
For the Italian emigrants who arrived in the nineteenth century, in the United States, this weapon became popular.
This weapon was used in the TV series of Tele 5, “Tierra de Lobos”, which was carried by the little brother, carried on his back in a case designed for that use.
No wonder the producer chooses this weapon for the film, not only because it is attractive, but because the finish and perfection of the replica is authentic.
A council that if you like weapons purchased this is a good weapon for a collection.