MP40 Machine Gun with Germany Belt 1940

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German machine gun MP40 1940:

  • Made of metal with strap included
  • Size 64 cm
  • Handmade processing
  • Weight 3.660 g
  • Packaging in original box
  • Production Denix Made in Spain
  • Inert rifle not working
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MP40 machine gun, 9mm, Germany 1940 (WW2). With leather strap.

The MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) was an automatic submachine gun used extensively by the troops of Nazi Germany (usually by officers and paratroopers) during the Second World War. Designed by Heinrich Vollmer, of Erma, to equip the soldiers with an assault weapon, mainly the mechanized infantry units and the paratroopers, it was manufactured until the end of the conflict. An excellent weapon for short-range combat (urban areas, forests, etc.), However, it was ineffective in combat on open ground due to its limited scope. This was one of the reasons that motivated the design of the Stg-44, the predecessor of modern assault rifles.