Mirto De Domu Liquor crafted cork (50cl)


Myrtle liqueur of Sardinia:

  • Made with Sardinian myrtle berries
  • Content 50 cl 30% volts
  • Height 32 x 9 x 5.5 cm airtight cap
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The red myrtle is a hydroalcoholic infusion obtained by maceration of myrtle berries, a spontaneous shrub from the Sardinian countryside, in alcohol and the addition of water and sugar.

De Domu Rosso, as the name suggests – de domu in Sardinian means “home” – is a liqueur produced by hand in the strictest respect for the recipe and the ancient tradition, which aims to be a liqueur very similar to homemade myrtle, product without the use of additives or dyes.

Its color is an intense shade of purple, almost black, alive and consistent.

The nose gives notes of intense scents of small red fruits, myrtle and blueberry and sweet jams, to which are added the balsamic nuances of the undergrowth and ethereal alcohol.