Sardo Pischeddu Round Conical Basket


Basket with fruit bowl handle:

  • Dimensions 42 x 30 cm 35 x 25 cm
  • Worked and braided completely by hand
  • Material reed and willow
  • Basket for mushrooms or fruit
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Sardinian baskets
The interweaving works in Sardinia have been, since ancient times, one of the main activities of man. The island, a land rich in raw materials, has always been the perfect cradle for the development of interweaving works aimed at creating rustic containers of all kinds.
Sennori, the most important center of Romangia, boasts a great tradition in the production of baskets, baskets and baskets of various sizes, with or without lid. These containers were used to store or transport food (bread, cakes, fruit) and objects (for example balls of wool, needles, pins, thread, etc.).
Our processing of the baskets, carried out strictly by hand, preserves the ancient traditions, where the delicacy of the colors, the particularity of the shapes and the attention to detail, guarantee the quality and the respect of our artisan tradition of the island.

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