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Lady M is a online store of gifts items, sardinian handicrafts and many international items.
Lady M is an online store where you can find sardinian filigree, sardinian artigianal knives, sardinian ceramic, sardinian baskets and other craftsmanship.

Sardinian knives

Are you looking for a Sardinian knife? offers a selection of the best handmade knives of Sardinia.

Sardinian filigree

The Fede Sarda is one of the most renowned symbols of Sardinia and its culture: a gift that represents Sardinia to women.

Sardinian baskets

The Sardinian basket worn on the head by women, or on the table for fruits and bread is a beautiful online gift made in Sardinia.

Where we are

If you come to Sardinia on vacation or you have visited our online store and want to see the sardinian products and check that they are strictly made in Sardinia come and visit us. We are in Siniscola and in summer time in La Caletta.

Store in La Caletta

Store in Siniscola


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